DFA Retreat Update

This weekend, Design for America had their first retreat in the OEDK. The three project teams are working on the following projects:

Team 1: The team is involved in creating a simplified map for homeless people to find nearby resources. They are in touch with homeless shelters in Houston, identifying the real needs of the community.

Team 2: The team is working on creating a physical rehabilitation device for mentally and physically disabled children. They are in contact with Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital, in order to identify the needs of disabled children.

Team 3: The team is designing a pen/wristband device that can easily measure glucose levels in diabetes patients, ensuring that it is less conspicuous and painful than the procedures now in place.

Right now, all three teams are still in the ideation/designing process; however, in the next few weeks, the teams will beginning their first prototypes, tackling the most difficult elements of their process first.


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